My Baby

My blog, my baby... I haven't really been taking care of it. At 21 years old it seems I've been a very bad parent. I haven't taken care of the thing that I have treasured, something I have brought into this earth. How can one be so irresponsible? Do I even have a heart? It … Continue reading My Baby

An Example Of Excellent Parenting

This is why I cannot accept defeat in failure In the summer of 2006 (normally winter in the northern hemisphere) my parents attended their first Parent - Teacher Consultation at my new school. I'd moved a few months prior and had just received the worst report card in my, then short, academic life. Their response … Continue reading An Example Of Excellent Parenting

Because She’s Your Sister

"Treat them like you would your sister," Dad said referring to girls in general. But I don't like my sister. I don't know if I ever said that out loud but that was one of the first things I needed to learn on the path to being a good man. So yeah. First-born. 7 years of … Continue reading Because She’s Your Sister