If You Woke Up And You Were Ten Again

Today I met an awesome group of young men. One of them, perhaps the most eloquent of the bunch, was leading the discussion titled: "Dreams". The guy's name's Frank. He's also frank, a characteristic I find integral in possessing a wholly good personality. He led with the discussion with this thought-provoking question: "If you woke … Continue reading If You Woke Up And You Were Ten Again

My Second Most Embarrassing Moment

As penance for not going through with my daily posts I've decided to add this more personal one. If I don't put up a daily post in the future I'll post my most embarrassing moment to date. Hopefully that won't be necessary. PS This post ties in quite nicely to my last, so do check … Continue reading My Second Most Embarrassing Moment

An Example Of Excellent Parenting

This is why I cannot accept defeat in failure In the summer of 2006 (normally winter in the northern hemisphere) my parents attended their first Parent - Teacher Consultation at my new school. I'd moved a few months prior and had just received the worst report card in my, then short, academic life. Their response … Continue reading An Example Of Excellent Parenting