Trafalgar Square

Look at the pretty lion. Roarrrrrrr! Funny enough they could never have lions naturally in the UK because they wouldn't survive. LOL. Way to start off the blog Joe, be a savage. Wasup peeps? Guess who went to Trafalgar Square today? This guy! "This guy" as in me. I must say it was absolutely lovely! … Continue reading Trafalgar Square

That Awkward Moment When Romcoms Are Better Than Real Life

'That Awkward Moment' was lovely as hell... well, if hell was lovely. I thoroughly enjoyed the movie after what was probably my fourth time viewing. The banter... the writers need to be paid double whatever they earned for their fine work. If I had a friend who had the verbal prowess of any of the … Continue reading That Awkward Moment When Romcoms Are Better Than Real Life

Bye Bye Twitter, Bye Bye Loneliness

Dear Blog, I actually really like that salutation. I think I'll use it from now on whenever I'm directing my thoughts, feelings at you, yes YOU you inanimate being.  Or should I direct my content to my readers? (cue the negative half of me saying,  "What readers?") I'll think about it. Anyway, to the point of … Continue reading Bye Bye Twitter, Bye Bye Loneliness


My eyes are aching... I should be sleeping but I'm not. I'm some kind of rebel - you could say that I'm some kind of rot. A dent on the body of the being they call "normal" I guess it's ok coz weird is what I call normal. I'd rather die, jump off of a building … Continue reading Different

Imaginary Conversation (With A Pretty Girl)

Boy: Hey Girl: Uhm... Hello. Boy: You're really pretty. Girl: Well you're really straightforward! Boy: I was told honesty is the best policy. Girl: That's rather cliché of you, don't you think? Boy: Cliché? Maybe it is... my source of advice isn't very... young shall I say. Girl: Next you're going to tell me your … Continue reading Imaginary Conversation (With A Pretty Girl)

If I Had A Superpower

The idea of human beings with supernatural abilities has fascinated me from as early as I can remember. I guess it doesn't help that I was born during the golden age of animation. Because of my exposure to animated characters with 'abilities' and what I believe is the natural human behaviour of seeking out things "beyond … Continue reading If I Had A Superpower